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Welcome Fellow Patriotic Americans

When I started The Patriot Beacon, I never dreamed of becoming rich or famous. I started because I wanted a second income. At the time I was relatively satisfied with my job and had no plans to leave it in the near future. Then Covid-19 struck. As an essential worker whose job was at an airport, it immediately became obvious it was going to have a severe effect on my job and for sure it did. The normal low season after Christmas and New Year plunged to the degree my hours were savagely cut I was in daily fear for my job. It was only because started The Patriot Beacon and the kindness of a few that I survived. It wasn't over yet. Shopify decided they didn't like what I sold and removed my Stop The Steal products. Then removed another product which was a cross between an anti-BLM and anti-Biden then threatened to decline to provide services. Of course giving up was not an option so I went on a search and found and alternative. It is hoped this new provide will be better behaved and I will continue to be able to provide you with services for years to come. But what about me? What do I believe? How can you trust that I'm not simply trying to make a quick buck? It's simple. I am a freedom loving American. I sell apparel pursuant to that. I could have easily chosen the same random silliness as the tens of thousands of other websites out there. I did not. I sell unique products. Products nobody but patriots, freedom lovers and Christians would even consider because I believe in principle over profit. And I believe we not only need a voice, this voice should get stronger and louder and we should protest the rights that have been stolen from us. One of the many ways to do that is with our clothing and to that end, my goal is to provide American made where possible and where it isn't choose high quality alternatives at very least printed in the United States. I'm also going to be taking the unprecedented step of letting you the user, directly influence our products. How? By giving you various designs and voting on what you like the best. In so doing, the only things we sell will be what you have chosen. Those polls will be posted on Mewe and Mumblit. Both free speech social media sites. I encourage you to follow our page on one or both platforms and look forward to hearing from you. Andrew - Site owner and founder

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